JR in June 2007 (not to be confused with TR)

JR's Korner of BillyBob's Garage


WHAT'S NEW is a chronological listing of updates to the BillyBob site.


TRUCK LINKS including vendor sites for old parts, custom parts, and tools as well as sites for classic car and truck organizations

STORE Operating in association with Amazon.com, books, recordings and tools can be purchased.

PLANNING for the restoration including project schedule and cost estimates.


TRAVELS WITH BILLYBOB With apologies to Steinbeck, this area of BillyBob's Garage will be used to log the trips BillyBob and I make together.

WORK-IN-PROGRESS was the restoration of parts of BillyBob that I could accomplish without a garage up until the summer of 2010 when I finally got enough warehouse space to work in. Now, it also includes the continuing work on BillyBob in the shop.

PRE-RESTORATION includes log entries of minor repairs and adventures between time of purchase and the time when I started restoration, a piece at a time.

JR'S KORNER JR's Korner is the history of BillyBob before I got him authored by my brother, Wm. C. Kephart.


BILLYBOB MAINTENANCE Ever changing detailing, oil change, lube, etc. maintenance routines specifically developed for BillyBob, including required tools, materials and procedures.

PARTS SHOP The Parts Shop is a repository of How-To articles. Things that I have done over and over enough times to have developed a procedure. This gives me a checklist and saves brain cells.

STEALTH SHOP Urban residence design with large integrated shop and separate living quarters for a relative or renter.

JR's Korner of BillyBob's garage is the history of BillyBob before I got him (1983 thru 1996). My brother Wm. C. Kephart owned the pickup immediately before I got it and has graciously volunteered to write the ole truck's history for that time period. In his own words, herein lies the tales of their voyages together, so grab an Iron City out of the cooler, plant youself on an oil drum or engine block, or any other "butt to ground adapter" you see in this corner of the garage and read on. The words from here on out are JR's.

1. JR meets the pickup 2. JR falls in love
3. JR's first wild ride 4. Street legal
5. Fixing the rear seal 6. Fixing the passenger door glass
7. Outraged Citizenry 8. Major Surgery - under the wrench
9. Setup for a good reaming 10. Reamed . . . and put away wet
11. Reaming aftermath 12. The "A" Team
13. "A" Team Mission Accomplished 14. Loose Cannon, a tale of engines, junkyards and dogs
15. Six days on the Road . . . or, at least a few hours 16. Now for something completely different
17. Turnpike Blues    

I had hoped that JR would provide me some more BillyBob adventures but he hasn't written since 2005. Got caught up in raising a family. I especially wanted to hear about the time he was pulling a backhoe on a trailer behind BillyBob and burned out the rear brakes coming down a hill through the woods with a railroad crossing at the bottom. He told me "I had both feet on the pedal, deathgrip on the steering wheel and ass in the air and the truck was not slowing down!" Really wanted him to write that one up. Who knows, maybe he will some day.

Issued Wednesday February 18, 1998

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