Blood n guts at Macungie



DEERSLAYER LINKS including vendor sites for parts and tools as well as sites for old truck and hot rod organizations


TINKERING WITH DEERSLAYER chronicles the day-by-day maintenance and improvements episodes for Deerslayer, a '37 Chevy farm truck hot rod.

CRUISIN' WITH DEERSLAYER Roadtrips, cruise-in's and truck show stories and tall tales.

TONY'S DUNGEON Tony Pascarella's forum entries at and H.A.M.B. regarding Deerslayer, particularly the 302 GMC engine build in his farmhouse basement.


DEERSLAYER MAINTENANCE Ever changing detailing, oil change, lube, etc. maintenance routines specifically developed for Deerslayer, including required tools, materials and procedures.

PROJECT NAILHEAD Chronicles the rebuild of a 1954 Buick Roadmaster 322 nailhead engine as a future replacement for Deerslayer's Jimmy 302.

"Deerslayer" is a 1937 Chevrolet "Open Express" 1/2 ton truck. "Pickup" was still a slang term in 1937, not yet an acknowleged body style name. When Tony Pascarella put the truck up for sale in the summer of 2008, I was lucky to snag it.

The pic above was taken at the Macungie truck show in 2007. The boys are discussin' the damage taken when a deer came out of the Pennsylvania woods and slammed into the driver's side of the truck while Arlyn Unrein and Tony were on a performance run. Hence, the nickname "Deerslayer" for both the truck and Arlyn, who was behind the wheel at the time. Tony (half concealed) is 'splaining the incident to Vern and George while George brushes away a tear.

DEERSLAYER LINKS including vendor sites for parts and tools as well as sites for old truck and hot rod organizations. Why hot rod? Because Deerslayer only looks like a old farm truck. Underneath, he is all muscle.

CRUISIN' WITH DEERSLAYER documents the roadtrips, cruise-in's and truck show stories and tall tails experienced with Deerslayer. Since Deerslayer is already finished and roadworthy, the first log entries are roadtrip logs starting with the pickup af Deerslayer in New York and the drive back to Boca Raton.

When Tony built the powerhouse GMC 302 engine that sits beneath Deerslayer's hood, he logged his efforts at the forum. TONY'S DUNGEON is a compilation of those posts and other posts Tony has recorded regarding Deerslayer's background. Tony's posts at H.A.M.B. (Hokey Ass Message Board) are also included.

After Deerslayer and I were together for a few months, I started to develop maintenance routines based on the ones I've been developing over the years for BillyBob, Renegade and BettyLou but peculiar to Deerslayer. The DEERSLAYER MAINTENANCE area keeps track of these routines. Since Deerslayer is a hot rod built from parts from many different vehicles, there is no single manual that details procedures for him. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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